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Don't Take Life For Granted

Do not take any second of your life for granted! Be grateful that you are ALIVE and healthy. Be thankful for what you have not ungrateful for what you don’t have. Love your family, friends, and significant other like no other ! Tell them you love them ANY chance you get! Don’t stress about what others think of you, you do you! Enjoy the little things in life💞 be grateful you can walk, talk, eat, tell your loved ones that you love them ! Don’t stress the small stuff. If there’s something that’s stressing you out, stop and think, is there anything I can do about this; if so do it and you have nothing to stress about. If there’s nothing you can do to change the situation or make it better, just accept that and move on❤️🌸 life is beautiful and it can be taken away from you at the blink of an eye. Not even me or others struggling and battling terminal illnesses, but just your average every day person can get in a car accident and be gone! I can’t stress this enough, just be grateful for what you have!!🌸🙏 do not worry about what you don’t have whether it’s fortune, fame, your dream job, struggling to get pregnant. ( I can’t even have a child and there’s so many other women on this earth that can’t have a child either) you can always adopt! There’s always a light at the end of every dark tunnel 🙏💜💜

-Madeline Vonurff

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