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Zoom Happy Feet. Full Set Option
Zoom Happy Feet. Full Set Option
Zoom Happy Feet. Full Set Option

Happy Feet. Full Set Option

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Happy Feet. Full Set Option

Artist: Kiki Designs

Happly Feet. Variants:
LE 25 Skipper - Rainbow Anodized metal with 9 colors, opal and stardust glitter, and glow. (Color Mastery: Kirsten Bowman)
LE 25 Ice Queen - Antique Copper metal with 9 colors, opal glitter, screen print, and full glow. (Color Mastery: Tina Post)

Size: 1.5” Height
Sequential Numbered Custom Back Stamp
Triple Posted
Epoxy Clear Coat

Our full set option will be half now, half later. This means that you will get the two pictured variants immediately, and get two other variants* at a later date (approximately 4-6 weeks post drop date).

*Additional variants are pending upon sales of design. We have a minimum reserve to meet to be able to make extra variants for this design. If we reach this reserve, a coloring contest will be announced and (x2) additional variants will be produced, including a secret gift variant.**

**If we don’t reach our minimum reserve for the design, the full set purchasers will be refunded $25 and mailed the two pictured variants. If the minimum isn’t met, there will be no coloring contest. Minimum reserve needs to be met within 24 hours of drop day and time.  

Full sets include (x4) matching number Happy Feet. variants, two now and two later (including the gift variant), (x4) different variant Stickers, two now and two later, (x1) Artist Logo Stickers, (x1) Shynee Metal Things Logo Stickers, and locking backs (mailed with two additional pins if produced); all for the price set above.

One of the perks of securing a set is that you become a lifetime set owner of this design. If Shynee Metal Things ever creates additional variants of this design (outside of the orginal (x4) variants being produced), you as a lifetime set owner, will be able to have the option to purchase any variants we make at a discounted price. You, by any means, can decline the purchase if you would like.

(x1) Per Person for the first 30 minutes.
Very limited while supplies last.

Happy Feet. Full Set Option



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